Dolly Parton

Coat Of Many Colors (VMP Rainbow Splatter)

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Release Date: 08/01/2021
Format: LP
Label: RCA Victor / Sony Music
Release type: VMP Exclusive Rainbow Splatter Vinyl LP Pressing

"What’s most apparent, though, across 'Coat of Many Colors' — through the pain, the work, the heartbreak and even the cruelty — is Parton’s complete, undying adoration for life and the people in it. “Early Morning Breeze,” a track that subtly veers into psychedelic folk, is a spiritual meditation that observes and appreciates the simplicity of an early morning walk through a meadow and a moment of prayer. Album closer “A Better Place To Live” takes time to imagine what an actively kinder world would look like. Bold and brilliant “Here I Am,” in retrospect, serves as a much more definitive, and more fitting, introduction to her self-driven rise than a simple “Hello, I’m Dolly.” Sung almost exclusively in Dolly’s unhinged all-out belt, the song’s a pipe-showcasing testament to the simple power of showing up: lending a hand, offering an understanding ear, knowing how much love you’ve got to give and shelling it out indiscriminately."

  1. Coat of Many Colors
  2. Traveling Man
  3. My Blue Tears
  4. If I Lose My Mind
  5. The Mystery Of The Mystery
  6. She Never Met A Man (She Didn't Like)
  7. Early Morning Breeze
  8. The Way I See You
  9. Here I Am
  10. A Better Place To Live

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