White Noise (Signed)

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**If you purchase all 3 CD's you will receive a free EP signed by D1C3 & Prophetnyc (While Supplies Last) **

Release Date: 09/20/2019
 Rival Records
Release type:
 Autographed CD Release

white noise is sound containing multiple frequencies with equal intensities. Much like the definition, D1C3 has taken the highlights of his last two albums and targets the core of what makes him tick as an artist.

  1. Intro
  2. No Filter II
  3. Frontline (Feat. Tony Marsley)
  4. Lil' Flaccid II [Skit]
  5. Back To You
  6. Baby (Feat. Eric Joel)
  7. 87 Regular [Skit]
  8. Get Dafug Back
  9. Over Again
  10. Time Bomb (Feat. Breana Martin)
  11. Energy
  12. I Gotta (Feat. Breana Martin)

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